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What Can I Expect During My Consultation?

What Can I Expect During My Consultation?

Scheduling a consultation is the first step in having your legal matter reviewed.  This can be a major step for some clients, so it's important that you know what to expect.

What Kind of Consultations Are Offered?

            We are happy to offer all of our prospective clients consultations in person, over the phone, or via video conference, depending on client preference. An important goal of the consultation is to ensure that the representation is a good fit for everyone involved.

How is the Consultation Price Determined?

         At our firm, all initial consultations are charged as a flat fee. We charge a fixed amount for our consultations to ensure that you do not feel “rushed” by the clock, adding unnecessary stress to a process that is usually very unfamiliar to most prospective clients.  This flat fee also allows us to review any documentation prior to your consultation and to provide you with feedback. This cost varies based on the attorney but ranges from $200.00 to $300.00. Our billing coordinator will inform you of the cost of your consultation when you contact our office.

How Do I Pay?

            Payment is required in advance of the consultation, and please note that standard credit card processing fees do apply should you wish to pay via credit card. We accept all major credit cards, cash, personal checks, and money orders.

What Information Should I Bring With Me?

         Please bring a copy of any pleadings that have been filed in your case, a list of questions you would like discussed, and any other notes on topics you wish to review with one of our attorneys. To maximize the utility of your meeting, please complete all requested information sheets along with any pleadings and questions to our office in advance of our consultation to allow the attorney to review them prior to your consultation.

What Information Should I be Prepared to Share?

         We understand that potential clients are likely meeting with us because they are going through an emotionally sensitive and stressful time in their lives. It is important to be prepared to discuss why you are seeking legal counsel, what you are hoping to obtain after the consultation, and any other concerns that need to be addressed. It is important to be very honest with your attorney and to disclose any information that might have a negative impact on your case. We cannot best advise you on issues that we do not know about. We are here to help you navigate whatever family law matter life throws at you.

How Long Does a Consultation Last?

            Consultations generally last for approximately one hour but can vary based on client need and complexity of the issues. Please set aside two hours for your consultation in the event the attorney determines that additional information or time is needed.

How Does the Consultation Help Move My Case Forward?

            It is important for prospective clients to be as forthcoming as possible during consultations so that we can provide the best advice for your unique situation. The consultation will allow your attorney to gather some of the preliminary information they need to help develop a strategy for your case and guide you through the case's likely progression.

What Happens After My Consultation?

         Generally, prospective clients can expect to receive a retainer agreement within one business day after the consultation. This agreement will detail the terms of representation and contain more details on billing practices. A follow-up email will also be sent to you that recaps the consultation and outlines our suspected next steps and advice.

To schedule your initial consultation, please call (615) 997-3741 or email [email protected].


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